New Pro-Tracer at Northway 8

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May 182016

IT REMOVES GUESSWORK When it comes to improvement in the game of golf, the numbers tell the story. The simple fact is that golf, at its core, is science. Physics dictates the distance and direction that the golf ball travels after impact. On that note, think about a typical session at the driving range. We’ve [More …]

How to Hit a Draw and a Fade

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Jan 292015

Having both the fade and the draw in your repertoire will give you more confidence off the tee and hopefully help you hit more fairways.

Hitting a knockdown shot

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Jan 292015

Hitting a knockdown shot: Having this style shot as one of your options to choose from on a windy day can not only help you hit more greens, but also shoot lower scores.  

Do you know the rule?

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Apr 032013

BALL IN TREE By Fred DeCasperis Trees became quite prominent in two recent PGA Tour golf tournaments. At the WGC-Cadillac Championship (Doral) Tiger Woods hit a drive that ended up in a tree during the third round. He took a drop with a one-stroke penalty. In the second round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Sergio [More …]