Getting Rid of Your Slice

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Jan 292015

The video has some great tips to get rid of your slice as well as a drill to practice with when you’re working on your game on the range or at home.

Let it Rip

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Jun 212013

Let It Rip By Dave Mahoney Feel the POWER in your swing! Today, I want to discuss how you can learn to hit the ball longer. With the understanding of a few fundamentals, and the help of a couple of simple exercises, you will begin to learn how to maximize your power. Pictured here we [More …]

Add 42 Yards Now!

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May 262009

Add 42 Yards Now! As Rick Smith demonstrates above, many golfers start down with the upper body, which pushes the club to the outside (left). To stay inside, let the legs and hips lead the downswing (right). Smith shows how to swing from the inside on pages 96-101. Below, note the dramatic difference in yardage [More …]