Nov 252016
By Bob Weiner
LOUDONVILLE – Capital Area golfers may want to include some items from their favorite pastime when beginning their Christmas holiday shopping this weekend. Local club professionals will be offering all types of equipment from their pro shops at up to 50% off during the 25th annual Golf Sale Friday through Sunday at Siena College’s Marcelle Athletic Complex.
The Golf Sale will start at 8AM each day and continue through 5PM. Only local club professionals will be allowed to sell their merchandise at the event.
“We’ll get roughly 2,900 people coming through the doors all weekend,” said Schuyler Meadows head pro Steve Jensen, who also serves as the event’s co-director, as well as the head coach of the Siena College golf team. “They will also come from all over the area. Many golfers will drive an hour or more just to come to this sale. Based on previous years, this sale has been extremely successful, and you can’t beat the prices.”
Jensen explained that even though the Golf Sale is not run through the Northeastern New York PGA, only section members who operate their own pro shops are eligible to participate. “Only PGA pros will be selling their stuff,” he said. Scott Warren of Pinehaven Country Club is the co-director of the Golf Sale, and numerous other local club pros, including Frank Mellet of Colonie Golf & Country Club and Glenn Davis of Albany Country Club will be selling their merchandise.
“All the usual equipment like clubs and balls will be available, but that’s only part of it,” Jensen said. “We all have dress shoes, sports jackets, ties and sweaters. We will have lifestyle gear and golf gear. You can’t beat the prices, and the timing is perfect, especially with this being our 25th annual event.”
Jensen, who couldn’t stop laughing when asked if he ever sold any unusual items, said that some pros, including himself, bring surprising items to the sale. “One year, I had my old Mercedes parked outside for sale,” he said. “I’ve also sold some ski equipment in past seasons. You never know what I’ll bring in my booth.”