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Sep 042016

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Editor’s note: Here are some new snaps from TPC Boston and the Deutsche Bank Championship in the race for the FedEx Cup. Capitalareagolf.com sent Stephen and Mary Ann Keeler to grab some images for you this Labor Day Weekend. If you get a chance, take the trip east. Remember, it’s a Monday finish with coverage on NBC and Golf Channel.

The TPC Boston is hosting the Deutsche Bank Championship with a purse of $8.5M, winning share of $1.53M and 2,000 FedExCup points. Rickie Fowler won this tournament last year but Jordan Spieth won the FedEx Cup. This year is still very much in doubt. Here are some shots that take you behind the scenes. Click here for coverage from the PGA Tour.

See Patrick Reed’s transcript after round 1 below.


Fellow Ryder Cuppers Dustin Johnson and Patrick Reed walking to 18th green. Photo: Stephen Keeler.

Fellow Ryder Cuppers Dustin Johnson and Patrick Reed walking to 18th green. Photo: Stephen Keeler.

September 2, 2016

Q.  Patrick, coming off the win at the Barclays, you started hot again here, including the eagle on 18.  You must have put really low numbers on the board.
PATRICK REED:  Yeah, for sure.  I felt like I did exactly what I needed to coming out early.  I hit a lot of quality golf shots and made some putts on the back nine that I started on.  I made the turn, I continued hitting the ball pretty solid but felt like there was Saran Wrap over the holes.  I mean, nothing.  Just by going through it, I missed a short one on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, chipped in on 7.  I felt like I missed one on 9.  So there was a lot of opportunities I had out there, I just didn’t quite capitalize how I needed to.
Q.  Round of 68, a very solid start.  You talked last week about a lot of work being done with your coach.  What specifically have you worked on that got you back sort of to winning?
PATRICK REED:  Just kind of simplifying the golf swing and trying to take your hands out of it.  I like to get my hips a little quick, I like to flip at it, so I try to slow down the hips and dead arm it through the golf ball and that’s obviously working.  It worked really well last week, and I felt like I hit a lot of really good golf shots today, and it seems like there’s only one miss.  My driver seems to be abandoning a little left and with the irons, the main thing is going to be kind of hanging on there to the right, so I know where the golf ball is going to be going, and if I make my golf swing I know where it’s at.  It’s a comforting feeling, and any time you can be comfortable playing golf, it makes life a lot easier.
Q.  A winner just a few days ago at the Barclays, a good solid round to start here at the Deutsche Bank, but really a Tale of Two Nines.  How would you describe how you got things going and how you wrapped it up?
PATRICK REED:  It really came down to putting.  The first nine I made the putts I was supposed to make, and then all of a sudden I went to the back nine, I missed a short one on 1 for birdie, short one on 2 for birdie, short one on 3 for par.  Bogeying a drivable hole 4, which is absurd.  I missed a short birdie putt on 5, short birdie putt on 6.  I chipped in on 7, I felt like I had a pretty good look on 9 but I missed.
So it was just kind of one of those nines where you’re hitting the ball pretty solid, you’re just not quite making putts.  Just seems like all of the putts, seemed like I missed every putt today was on that one nine.  I feel like I’m doing a lot of things well, just need to fine tune the putter and get my eyes checked, because obviously I felt like it was a good putt, just didn’t go in.
Q.  We spoke earlier in the week, and you said your confidence is really at an all time high.  What does a day like this do, moving forward?
PATRICK REED:  Yeah, really, I feel it helps.  Yeah, it wasn’t the score I wanted but at the end of the day in breezy conditions, starting on 10 in the morning where 10’s into the wind, you have to step up on 11, which is a hard 3 iron from 239.  So to come out and start the way I did and to feel like I got absolutely nothing out of my round and still shoot 3 under par.  In the morning wave so far I think 5 under was the low, I’m still right in it.  I feel like if I just go and fine tune some things and I play like I did on the back nine for the front nine, today could have been a special day.
Q.  Patrick, just give us some general comments on your round as a whole today.
PATRICK REED:  I felt like it was one of those rounds that wasn’t really what I wanted, but at the end of the day, I think to go shoot 3 under par in your starting round, it’s solid.  I feel like I’m hitting the ball well and I feel like I’m putting pretty well, I just didn’t make as many putts as I needed to.
Q.  (No microphone.)
PATRICK REED:  No.  You know, I feel like I’m playing well.  I feel like I’m playing how I have been all year, it’s just I finally last year was able to close them off.  Today it’s just kind of how I’ve been playing all year.  I played really solid on that front nine, the first nine I played, and it really wasn’t any different from the back nine.  The only difference was the putts I’m supposed to make, I made.  And the putts I was supposed to make on the front nine, I made none of them.  I had so many good looks, whether it was for birdie or for par, and I made none of them besides the chip in and that’s the one I didn’t expect myself to make.  I expected to get it close and tap in for par but instead that’s the one I make.  So just kind of one of those things that (inaudible) and really just build off of what I did today because ball striking wise today was plenty good enough to shoot a really low number.  I felt like I putted well enough, too, just ball didn’t want to go in the hole.