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Jun 222013

Improve your game with golf specific exercise!

golf exercises

Golf Exercises


Today I want to discuss the importance of stability in your golf swing. Stability in your golf swing requires great balance, strength, and muscular endurance. If you lack stability in your golf swing, your ball striking suffers, and you can’t play your best.




golf exercises
Your glutes (butt muscles) are the king when it comes to stability it your swing. Weakness here can limit power, and create excessive movement in your swing, making it much more difficult to be consistent with your strike. Here are two simple exercises you can perform at home to strengthen your glutes!

To begin both of these exercises, start with your back on the ground and extend your arms over your chest. Then raise your pelvis into the position shown.

Once you can hold the position for at least 10 seconds without dropping your pelvis, or experiencing excessive shaking and/or cramping, you can move on to the next exercise!

The advanced exercise is shown here. As you can see, I have lifted one leg off the ground. This exercise provides great isolation of each glute. The goal is to stay in that position for at least 10 seconds for each leg. Do these exercises regularly, and you will feel much more stable in your golf swing!


Melreese learning center

Melreese learning center

If you are in the Miami, Florida area this winter, and are looking for a lesson, contact me personally and we can meet at the beautiful Melreese Country Club! Our practice facility is one of the finest in South Florida! The weather is warm here, so let’s get your 2013 season started right!

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