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Jul 302017


July 29: Despite a recent hand injury, Nicole Criscone of Clifton Park, the first National Drive, Chip & Putt Finalist from the Capital Area, made it through the first round of DCP Qualifying. She was first in every category for the Girls 12-13 with 41 points in Driving, 26 in Chipping and 65 in Putting at Town of Colonie Golf Course.

Criscone’s total, 132, was second of any local competitor and more than doubled the runner-up in the age division. Now, she and 23 other Capital Area junior golfers advance in their respective age divisions for the Sub-Regional round of the Drive, Chip & Putt Competition at The Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill, MA on Sunday, August 13.

The ultimate goal is the 2018 Drive, Chip & Putt National Championship at Augusta National Golf Club just before The Masters.

Click here for the National Drive, Chip & Putt website.

Nicole Criscone of Clifton Park.

Nicole Criscone with Justin Timberlake on Saturday, April 2, 2016


Topping all scorers was William Dallaire, out of the Boys 12-13 bracket. He had 135 points which included just 15 Driving points but 55 in Chipping and 65 in Putting. Evan Forrest, in the Boys 14-15 age division, scored 131 points for third overall (39 Drive, 27 Chip & 65 Putt).

Also, in the girls age 14-15 division, Amber Pennington won with 125 and then Aracely Watson and Jordyn Cline each notched 108 but with very different combinations. Watson had 36D, 12C, 60P while Cline had 45D, 21C, 42P. The top three juniors in each respective age division qualified and will advance.

This was the second of two Drive, Chip & Putt Qualifiers in the Northeastern New York PGA. Click here for the summary from the qualifier on Saturday, July 15 at Saratoga National Golf Club.  One note, this past spring’s National Finalist, Kennedy Swedick of Voorheesville, qualified in the Girls 10-11 bracket and will also move onto the Sub-Regional. But because Criscone turns 12 just before the National Finals, she and Swedick will be in different divisions this year and, theoretically, both make it to the Finals. But there’s a long way to go.

After the Sub-Regionals, the Regional Finals will be at famed Winged Foot Golf Club on Sunday, October 1.



Girls 7-9: Maria Glavin – 65
Girls 10-11: Sienna Wheeler – 70
Girls 12-13: Nicole Criscone – 132
Girls 14-15: Amber Pennington – 125
Boys 7-9: Isaiah Adel – 93
Boys 10-11: Phoenix Shulkin – 107
Boys 12-13: William Dallaire – 135
Boys 14-15: Evan Forrest – 131

Below are the totals for each of the qualifiers with the Drive, Chip and then Putt score after their name. Click here for the complete summary from the NENY PGA.

AGES 7-9

65: Maria Glavin 3-16-46
58: Lilla Zeevalk 14-12-32
35: Ella Joralemon 6-3-26

93: Isaiah Adel 21-12-60
84: Thomas Greiner 22-7-55
76: Francis Foley 13-27-36

AGES 10-11

70: Sienna Wheeler 17-17-36
51: Emma Fossum 11-3-37
48: Madison Perretta 6-7-35

107: Phoenix Shulkin 30-27-50
105: Brayden Dock 24-31-50
89: Brandon Ryan 32-12-45

AGES 12-13

132: Nicole Criscone 41-26-65
66: Ali Card 16-13-37
60: Morgan Van Wie 7-3-50

135: William Dallaire 15-55-65
103: Nicholas Dunne 38-25-40
102: Austin Shulkin 40-17-45

AGES 14-15

125: Amber Pennington 43-27-55
108: Aracely Watson 36-12-60
108: Jordyn Cline 45-21-42

131: Evan Forrest 39-27-65
117: Nikalas Hamel 59-3-55
114: Nicholas Lyons 37-17-60