Junior Golf Alliance of NY

May 182016


When it comes to improvement in the game of golf, the numbers tell the story. The simple fact is that golf, at its core, is science. Physics dictates the distance and direction that the golf ball travels after impact.

On that note, think about a typical session at the driving range. We’ve all gone through it. You hit a bucket of balls (maybe 65-75 shots). Over the course of that hour, you mutter things like:

“That one felt pretty good”
“Wow, that was a bad swing”
“Stop trying to kill the ball”
“I wish I didn’t flight the ball so high”
And the most common: “That one was between the 150 and 200 yard markers. Maybe 165? 180? Yeah, that’s probably right. 180. Good ball.”

There are fundamental things that the driving ranges of yesterday are not telling us. As a population, golfers are being left to their own devices and assumptions based on what we THINK may be the truth. However, the REAL truth is that we don’t know how far we’re hitting the golf ball. We don’t know what our clubhead speed is. It’s all just one elaborate guessing game – until now.

With the recent installment of the Pro-Tracer system, Northway 8 Golf Center has effectively taken the guesswork out of performance by giving the average golfer real-time and immediate feedback on distance, launch angle, clubhead speed and more for EVERY shot at the range. Wouldn’t it be nice to approach that 172-yard par-3 and know exactly what club you needed? Or to put a shaft in your clubs that is specifically designed for your individual swing and allows you to perform better?

The Pro-Tracer makes this all possible by allowing you to harness this fundamental information, use it to your advantage and bring it with you on the golf course to improve your scoring.And isn’t that the point? The most common complaint that we hear at the golf course is this: “When I go to the range, I’ve got it all figured out. But I can’t seem to translate that to t golf course.”

It’s time to get out of your own way – and the Pro-Tracer system at the Northway 8 Golf Center is engineered to help you do just that.