Junior Golf Alliance of NY

Jun 172017

Volunteers help line up the putter and ball for the players at Capital Hills on June 10.


On June 10, 16 sight-challenged young people from the Capital Area gathered at Capital Hills @ Albany to get a feel for golf.

Ranging in age from 10-15, they spent the morning on the practice green learning the basics of the game – holding a club, putting and even engaging in a little contest at the end. They were taught by assistant pro Don DeNyse III and Senia Fleming with the Northeast Association of the Blind of Albany.

Backed by the Junior Golf Alliance of NY, the foursomes putted to targets. Each group had an adult volunteer who helped introduce the kids to the golf clubs, a putter and a basic stance. All participants had a good time on the green, learning about the rough and even took a tour/walk through a sand trap, said JGA President Frank Ciarlo. At the end, the group enjoyed lunch on the patio at Martel’s.

Many of the kids had played putt-putt and some were well-versed in the game. For others, it was a totally new experience. The kids sight range went from totally blind to a couple who were only partial blind and actually has some experience playing golf, Ciarlo said.

The putting green was teeming with teams ready for the challenge of golf at Capital Hills @ Albany on June 10.

The Junior Golf Alliance of NY working with sight-challenged kids from the Northeastern Association of the Blind of Albany at Capital Hills @ Albany on June 10.

Capital Hills @ Albany assistant pro Don DeNyse III (white hat), works with sight-challenged kids on June 10.