Junior Golf Alliance of NY

Aug 282013

By Benita Zahn

What a dump. Sad but true. That’s what’s happened to what was, what I gather, a fabulous golf course.

But lack of funds and a broken irrigation system during a very hot summer will lead to big trouble for a golf course. And that’s what we found recently at Ballymeade Country Club in Falmouth, MA.

Ballymeade is semi-private. It’s a course I’ve been looking forward to playing for some time but my schedule never permitted. So on a recent trip to the Cape, golf clubs in tow, the husband and I took advantage of the after 3PM rate of $30/9 holes.

From a distance, and with all the hype we’d heard, we figured that would be a great value. Well from a distance isn’t the same as on the course.


Ballymeade is a par-72 with a lovely design by Chi Chi Rodriguez. It’s tight but forgiving, there are enough dog legs to keep you honest but not get you cussing and the elevated greens mean you have to work to get to the green. But then you stand in horror when you see how the course has been allowed to deteriorate. There’s more brown than green. You’re hard pressed to find grass on the tee boxes and the greens, don’t get me started. So parched they’re cracked in places. Frankly, it was a heartbreaking site: this once gorgeous and grand course so poorly maintained.

What makes this even more troubling is that the website proclaims: “The grounds are meticulously maintained by Cape Cod’s best golf course maintenance team equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.” Really now?!? They should include a disclaimer that there’s been trouble.

Ballymeade3When I asked the assistant pro “When did the club fall on such hard times?” he gave me the party line about the failed irrigation system and hot summer and then gave us passes to return.

There may be a time, hopefully, the folks responsible for the course turn things around, but until them, you won’t get me back there, even with a freebie. There are many other places on Cape Cod to tee off. Save your money.