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Sep 092013

Excercise for GolfMAHONEY & BATH TEAM UP

Shaker Ridge assistant pro Dave Mahoney, who was captain of the RPI golf team and won the Rensselaer County Men’s Amateur in 2005, is teaming up with Dr. Christopher Bath to help players with their swing and their health.

As Mahoney says, swing coaches now coordinate with health experts to bring the best performance out of their players whether you are looking for performance enhancement, injury prevention, or personal rehabilitation programs.

Golf Exercise

golf exercises

Bath is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY; Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute; Four certifications in Active Release Technique, which is a patented soft-tissue technique that focuses on lengthening muscles, tendons and ligaments that have become shortened due to injury or repetition. He’s certified in Rock Tape which is used to help guide the movements of the muscles that need work; he provides Ultrasound Therapy to assist the break up of scar tissue and offers therapeutic specific exercise to strengthen the areas of weakness.

Both Mahoney and Bath have been trained by the Titleist Performance Institute to offer a physical/functional golf screening. For more information visit davemahoneygolf.com or cbath24@gmail.com.