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May 262009

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Working Out With Trevor Immelman

A behind the scenes look at what it takes to be ranked # 15 among golf professionals worldwide

By: Dave Herman with Steve Gomen

I recently got the chance to join Trevor and his sport trainer, Dave Herman, during one of their workouts. During this time, Dave explained his beliefs about working with professional golfers, the development of his Athleticity program and a walk through of some of Trevor’s specific exercises….


Specialized flex band training has become a revolutionary new performance tool for golfers of all ages and abilities. These flex bands are called “SSR” bands, which stand for Strength, Stretching, and Rehabilitation. While initially designed for athletes, these bands are extremely effective for people of all ages. Anyone who wants to stay flexible, increase strength and reduce the incidence of “aches and pains” as they get older will benefit from band training. Flex bands are also great for adolescents because they are fun, safe and create less compression on growth plates and joints. Flex band training is an inexpensive and highly effective way of achieving a more physically fit body. It is well documented that resistance training can improve muscular strength, local muscular endurance, increase flexibility and power and stimulate positive effects on the body.

What makes these bands so unique is the rubber layering process that makes them highly resistant to breakage, while enabling production of different widths for increased resistance and tension. They are light weight and portable which makes them great to travel with on the road and can be used in many ways, ranging from rehabilitation, stretching, strengthening, fast twitch development, and core stabilization and warming up. These SSR Bands can be used for almost anything you can think of if you are creative with them.

Athletes in sports all over the world have been using these bands to enhance their athletic performance. The SSR bands are being used throughout all divisions of NCAA. Players and teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, ATP and WTA are using SSR bands to increase their strength, explosion, speed and flexibility. Professional golfers on the PGA, LPGA, Champions and Nationwide tours are also using the elastic bands to warm-up, rehab and physically train for the golf.

Due to the high success rate of the bands, doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists in clinical settings around the country are using flex bands with their patients. Research studies have shown flex bands to be effective in rehabilitation, explosiveness in the muscle contraction, vertical jump, and total body toning. They are especially effective for functional training for all sports specific activities including golf.

Bands can be used to develop and teach motor skills in golfers and other sport specific applications. For example a golf instructor might use the bands in a specific drill to help the student reinforce the motor pattern and movement they are trying to teach. Flex bands are also great for strengthening and stabilizing the smaller protector muscles around the joints.

Training with bands is often referred to as accommodating resistance (isotonic). This means that as the band lengthens it increases in resistance with the most amount of tension when the band is fully flexed. The bands work the force velocity curve while teaching you to explode through the start and lockout at the finish. You will soon learn that the faster you explode it will allow you to outrun the tension created by the heavier resistance.

Athleticity Defined

Developing athleticism and elasticity in an athlete created the Athleticity™ program. If someone is said to have a lot of athleticism and elasticity it means they are fit, physically strong and seem to easily pick up new skills and techniques. It means that they are flexible and supple and have the ability to create a lot of speed. With this training methodology, you are developing a more complete athlete.

A few years ago, I began to implement band training into all my training sessions. I was working with Ty Tyron (at the time, a young golfer that became the youngest ever in PGA history to earn a PGA Tour card) and he said to me, “Dave, I’m beginning to feel very athlastic.” I had never heard that word or term before but I knew what he meant because I was experiencing the same feeling. About this time, I had begun to experiment with the training bands myself. After a few months of noticing dramatic results in the areas of elasticity, flexibility and core strength, I came up with a concept called Athleticity.

Trevor’s program

Using this concept of “Athleticity”, I developed a golf specific program with Trevor’s help. Trevor and I wanted to change our focus of building muscle and adding weight to start concentrating on introducing more speed and flexibility. As the result of applying Athleticity™ to his program we were able to increase his athleticism, strength and elasticity. Trevor believes that “these bands have increased my speed, flexibility and power, there is no doubt they have helped take my fitness to the next level.”

Trevor and I have worked together for five years, so we are always trying new tools and new ideas to keep it fun, stimulating and challenging. What’s unique about using the flex bands in Trevor’s program is that we can vary the use of heavy weights during off tournament weeks to maintain his muscle mass and begin to decrease weights and move towards flex bands during tournament weeks. Trevor has said, “The beauty about this band system is that I am able to stretch, warm-up and strengthen the golf muscles in a short period of time, it’s like a mini workout before my round.” The band routine is very effective when he has an early morning tee time. In fact, we have perfected a 10-15 minute warm-up band routine that encompasses roughly 10 stretching and strengthening exercises that get his body warm, loose and prepared for the range. This led to the development of a golf fitness product called G2 Fitness by Hedstrom®. This package includes an instructional DVD and the same SSR bands Trevor uses to train and warm up before every practice and competitive round.

Trevor and I have work extremely hard together on his golf specific fitness. We both believe that the hard work and development of his unique athletic talent have been integral to his success as a top ranked player among the world’s best. We will overview some of his work out techniques and how they can benefit and improve any golfer’s ability.

View Trevor’s Workout Here

Getting to know Trevor Immelman and Dave Herman, it becomes obvious how important it is to them to have a golf fit body in order to create optimal performance and injury prevention. Trevor’s conviction to these principals is apparent with his message to all of us; “It’s imperative that you have some sort of maintenance program for the arms, shoulder and back. As we all know, there is a great amount of force generated in the golf swing and it’s very important that nothing breaks down because the hands and arms are taking a lot of strain, especially in those tough lies and deep roughs.”


Dave Herman is a Former Athlete, Author and a Professional Sports Performance Coach. He has worked with many professional athletes and is the founder of the Athleticity™ Training Program in Orlando Florida. www.Athleticity.com