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Jeff Eckert

 Posted by on 06/28/2013  Junior Golf Profiles
Jun 282013

“Some of the best times I’ve ever had were with him on the golf course.” Jeff Eckert uses these words to describe some of the best times he has ever had golfing with his Dad. Unfortunately, Jeff lost his father “too early in life,” but he relishes all his memories with him, especially on the golf course. That’s why he and his mother started the Bob Eckert Memorial Tournament. Reflecting on the best times, Jeff said, “My favorites were any time I was out there with my Dad. Any time that you can enjoy the company you’re with and golf it’s going to be a good day.”

From good days to good habits, golf has done a lot for Jeff. For him, one of the greatest benefits of playing the game “is that it makes you appreciate everything you can do individually. This is a moral gain, character building. This appreciation helps you keep your head up on the golf course, and is something you can take into the rest of your life.” One of the areas that this appreciation can be brought to is business, “being the individual game that it is, golf makes you take notice of your flaws and work to improve them. Learning to do that really helps in the professional world.”

When asked what a child might gain from learning to play golf, Jeff didn’t hesitate to elaborate. “Like learning anything, trying, understanding and getting better at golf builds self-esteem and self-confidence by overcoming something that you couldn’t before,” and it helps you in “learning who you are as a person. Everything that you have inside of you as a person golf can bring out.” When asked about a close friend who was afraid to try golf but went on to have a great time, Jeff stated that, “at the very least, golf is a good time with friends and it can be so much more than that. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.”

Jeff Eckert, founder of the Bob Eckert Memorial Tournament, says:

It helps you identify and improve on your flaws, both in the game and in life.
You can spend great quality time with friends and family
It helps build lasting memories